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The BMW brand stands for dynamics, innovative technologies and decades of motorsport experience. BMW M Performance Accessories transfer this knowledge from the racetrack to the street. With retrofit components in aerodynamics, drive train, cockpit and chassis, you can further enhance the uncompromising sportiness of your BMW.

At BMW Libra Autohaus we have a team of specialists to recommend the best suited retrofitted accessories.  We also organize M performance Events once every quarter to showcase and demo all M Performance Accessories live to our customers.

To ease the buying of retrofitted accessories we have special buyback schemes with attractive packages. We have a team of specialists at sales & service who take care of fitment and after sales.

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Customize your BMW to suit your needs and sense of style with Genuine BMW Accessories. Choose from a range of interior and exterior Genuine Accessories, all designed specifically for your BMW. Genuine BMW Accessories offer an experience based on innovative solutions, while also setting standards in quality and safety.

BMW Accessory Finder